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Fraud and Compliance

Proactively protect your customers from external and internal threats.

Is Your Contact Center Your Weakest Link?

Contact centers are becoming increasingly vulnerable to targeted cross-channel attacks by fraudsters, and regulatory non-compliance is becoming more costly. Our Fraud and Compliance Solutions proactively address these challenges, to protect your brand and give your customers the peace of mind they deserve.

Proactively Identify Potential Fraudsters & Compliance Violations  

Modern social engineering techniques have crippled the effectiveness of traditional authentication methods such as asking for a caller’s date of birth, address or the last four digits of their social security number. Our Caller Fraud Prevention solution enables you to assess the incoming call’s fraud level before the first “Hello” by leveraging telephony metadata that the caller cannot manipulate.

Failure to comply with regulatory requirements can damage your reputation—and your bottom line. In addition, lengthy disclosures take up your agents’ time and result in a poor customer experience.  Our Regulatory Compliance, Disclosure Automation, and Agent Compliance solutions help you overcome these challenges. 

Improve the Customer Experience

Every minute your agents spend authenticating callers and performing manual compliance activities is valuable time not spent addressing customer issues. Our Fraud and Compliance Solutions improve the customer experience by expediting authentication and password reset functions, as well as reducing AHT for HIPAA and other regulatory requirements. 

Achieve Tangible and Intangible Results 

Costs associated with identification, verification, and compliance can be significant. Our Fraud and Compliance solutions enable lower total cost of ownership, reduce AHT, and minimize penalties associated with compliance violations, while increasing CSAT and NPS. 

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