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A New Paradigm in Speech Technologies

Voice continues to be a popular channel for consumers, but they are no longer willing to navigate complex DTMF menus in an attempt to resolve their issues. Convergys’ Virtual Assistant (VA) Solutions allow your customers to say what they need in their own words and complete tasks that were never before possible.

The Secret is in the Platform

Convergys’ VA solutions combine Omilia’s robust conversational customer care platform with Convergys’ customer journey insights, user experience design expertise, proven delivery capabilities, and world-class Professional Services. The result is a suite of powerful solutions that provide:

  • Out-of-the box-recognition and understanding
  • Context-aware interactions, with the ability to retain memory to drive natural conversations with customers and transfer and pass contextual conversation data
  • A unified user experience, with seamless continuity from one channel to another

Conversational Customer Care

  • Omnichannel Dialog Management Platform—allows you to develop an application once and then leverage it horizontally across all channels
  • Deep Neural Network Automatic Speech Recognition Engine—enables rapid improvement and reduces error rates in understanding and response
  • Passive Voice Biometric Authentication—drastically increases the percentage of pre-authenticated users in the IVR and decreases Agent talk time
  • Chat Bot and Mobile Virtual Assistant plug-ins—allow the platform to run text-based dialogs on a wide range of channels and easily integrate to a native mobile app
  • Analytics—allows you to visualize the big data generated by Dialog Management to analyze what customers are saying in their conversations with the Virtual Assistant, as well as with Agents

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