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Everyone agrees that keeping your current customers loyal and maximizing customer lifetime value are critical to sustaining your company’s success. The question is how? Convergys has the answer.

The Challenge

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Customer retention is a major focus for companies in nearly every industry today—after all it’s far more cost effective to keep your current customers than it is to acquire new ones. But for the contact center to have a measurable impact on reducing customer defection, it needs insight into the drivers of customer churn, which customers are likely to defect, and the best way to drive a more positive outcome for those customers and your business.

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Build Relationships and Increase Lifetime Value

Convergys provides the actionable insight, proven processes and technology, and specially trained agents it takes to measurably improve customer retention and reduce turnover. We start by delivering a relevant and contextual customer journey that builds a deeper relationship with all of your customers.

Then we’ll take advantage of the wealth of data available from operations, finance, voice of the customer, and more to shed light on the drivers of customer defection and the behaviors that signal intent to leave. Using our Convergys analytics programs, we will identify customers with a propensity to defect and segment them into groups by potential return on investment.

We target those customers with the greatest potential for high lifetime customer value with specific interactions designed to retain them. We do this by routing at-risk customers into specialized units of uniquely trained and coached agents. Our agents are supported by technology solutions that empower them with real-time tools and information so they can match the right service or offer with the right customer. The result is that you retain more customers and increase the lifetime value of the customer relationship.


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